3 Top Social Media Trends for 2019


Leading a business should mean that you have a firm grasp and a solid plan when it comes to promoting yourself, especially on social media. But growing your audience can become a daunting task when you aren’t keeping up to date with the trends associated with social media platforms. Keep these pointers in mind.

#1 Leadership Posting on Social

Remember when managers and CEOs were the figures that no one ever saw? We didn’t even know what they looked like most of the time. But that era is quickly coming to an end. The public isn’t all trusting anymore. Add minimal online transparency and what you receive will not be what you want.

Welcome the new age, where social CEOs will be the new normal. Expect to see leaders connecting, sharing their thoughts, and listening to their audience. While they might be busy, that won’t be an acceptable excuse for not being active on social media.

#2 Social Listening

An easy way to know what your audience likes is to ask them, right? But what’s the use in asking them if you aren’t listening? Whenever you put a question out there, go over the response. And them go over it again.

Social listening is analyzing your followers' written answers. Utilize listening tools to see patterns that are emerging, and by identifying them, you will be better at engaging them.

#3 Focus on Instagram Stories

Have you ever caught a glimpse of something only to wonder what it was, or wish you could see it again? That being said, don’t underestimate the power of the Instagram Story feature. By utilizing this resource, you have the opportunity to only share a glimpse of your brand without it costing you a penny.

This will ultimately leave followers, new and old, wondering and engaged, and have them looking for more. Stories create excitement and can lead to you obtaining even more of an audience. And with the option to use this tool however often as you like, you have the stage without becoming overwhelming to your audience.