The Best Content Marketing Tools for Small Businesses


We all know that content marketing is a way of showing online material that doesn’t outright promote a specific brand, but yet builds awareness around its purpose. But do you know the best tools involved with content marketing explicitly geared toward small businesses? Read on to find out.

Google Drive

You know the feeling. You’re working on so many projects, have so many photos, designs, and files, it’s difficult to keep them all organized. This is where Google Drive can help. Google Drive stores all of those things, and more, in one place.

Another great feature is that you can access your projects everywhere from your tablet, computer to even your smartphone at any time. Google Drive also allows you to invite others to see, share, and download any of your docs without attachments through email. Having that kind of accessibility at your fingertips is powerful.


We all strive to stay organized. And with a growing business, that’s no small task. Welcome to Asana, a workload management platform that allows you to plan and build the projects that are best suited for your company. You choose the structure, set the level for priorities, and make deadlines.

Communicate with your team and assign them tasks. This keeps your goals on track, and meeting deadlines a breeze. With the ability to build project plans you can see and watch grow, you’ll be ready to conquer anything that may stand in your way.


You can’t win a game without making a few plays. With Trello, you and your teammates can always stay organized, and on track working towards a common goal. Trello utilizes lists, boards, and cards which makes assigning content, collaborating, and posting a no brainer.

Leave messages to fellow teammates and post material all in one spot so there is no guessing about the game plan. The layout of this content market tool is user-friendly and makes it easy to stay focused and on track.